Therapeutic dentistry is one of the most popular types of dental services. The treatment of the dental system includes the treatment of caries and non-carious injuries, as well as filling of the dental canals.

The main cause of carious lesions are bacteria that actively multiply in stones and plaque. Therefore, thorough dental hygiene in conjunction with a systematic routine check – up at the dentist is the main tool for the prevention of this disease.

Stages of caries development and methods of treatment of the disease

Modern medicine divides dental caries into 4 stages-the spot stage, superficial, superficial, medium and deep caries. The later the treatment begins, the longer and more expensive it will be.

Let’s look at each stage of the disease in more detail.

Caries at the spot stage

A white carious spot on the surface of the enamel without damaging it is the earliest stage of caries. And the only one that is reversible and amenable to conservative treatment-without reaming the tooth. The stain appears as a result of a deficiency in the enamel of calcium and fluoride.

For treatment at this stage, a course of remineralization is carried out – saturation of the dental surface with the missing fluoride and calcium. But a positive effect is possible only if the patient himself is very interested in preserving the tooth and is ready to radically improve oral hygiene. However, this does not mean that you will need to brush your teeth for half a day – it is enough to give up sweets and snacks between main meals, use dental floss and brush your teeth for 1-2 minutes after breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Superficial caries

The early stage of the disease, affecting, as a rule, only the surface tissues of the tooth. At this stage, the disease has no manifestations and does not cause concern. Therefore, it can only be detected during the examination. Treatment of early caries occurs with minimal intervention. The doctor performs an examination, dissection of the damaged area of the tooth and the installation of a filling – in the vast majority of cases without anesthesia.

Medium carious lesions

In the middle stage, the patient already clearly understands that he has a problem. Caries penetrates into the dentin – the main part of the tooth located under the enamel. The cavity can already be felt by the tongue, food begins to get stuck in it, and the tooth itself can painfully respond to cold and sweet food.

When eliminating the disease of the middle stage, as a rule, anesthesia is used – for the complete comfort of the patient. In other respects, the concept of treatment is identical to the elimination of the disease at the previous stage – examination, preparation, filling.

Deep stage of caries

If the disease is in a neglected state, the dentin is destroyed, located near the pulp, very close to the nerves and blood vessels. At this stage, it takes more than one trip to a specialist to completely eliminate the traces of the disease.

During the first visit, the doctor will perform an examination, make anesthesia, perform dissection of the damaged area and put a temporary seal. After a few days, if the tooth with a temporary filling does not bother the patient, the dentist decides to install a permanent filling. The cost of such treatment will be the highest.

In cases of significant damage to the tooth and the formation of large cavities during the preparation process, the doctor may suggest installing a crown on the damaged tooth.

About non-carious dental injuries

These types of defects include mechanical injuries, abrasion of dental tissue, increased sensitivity of enamel and other damage not caused by caries. The treatment is chosen by the dentist-therapist after the examination.

If you want to quickly and painlessly get rid of caries at any stage, MSB specialists are ready to help you with this. The best specialists, modern equipment and innovative materials-all this will be at your disposal.

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