Prosthetics allows you to restore lost teeth using special orthopedic structures. This process has many variations depending on the individual and the problems encountered. Distinguish between removable, partially removable, non-removable and full.

Medical tourism has become very popular in recent years. Many people prefer to do prosthetics in Belarus, this is due to the high quality of services, possession of modern technologies, and most importantly, affordable cost.

Stages of prosthetics

After a thorough examination and diagnosis, an orthopedic surgeon offers the most optimal options for dental prosthetics, which have not only highly aesthetic, but also maximum functional characteristics.


Any type of prosthetics begins with a therapeutic preparation, which includes professional cleaning of teeth from dense deposits and soft plaque. Then a prerequisite for the successful implementation of prosthetics is the sanitation of the oral cavity. It involves the treatment of cavities, removal of roots and replacement of old fillings. In case of manifestations of periodontitis, treatment of the gums should be carried out, but at the same time, depulpation and turning of adjacent teeth can be done, which will serve as the basis for installing a prosthesis.


This stage is optional and is applied only in difficult situations and advanced cases. Surgical intervention consists of removing teeth that cannot be treated, removing necrotic and atrophic gingival tissue, gingivoplasty (gum reconstruction), gingival bone augmentation and sinus lifting.

Making prostheses

After carrying out all the preparatory cycles, the doctor proceeds to direct prosthetics. This stage begins with taking an impression, according to which the dental technician makes a base from plaster and casts the prosthesis itself. Innovative technologies make it possible to recreate 3D dental models that accurately replicate the anatomical features of the patient.


After the manufacture of the prosthesis, it is tried on and fitted. The doctor installs the orthopedic structure, looks at the perfect integration of the prosthesis in the oral cavity, and gives recommendations on further care and hygiene rules.

The professional team of our clinics is ready to quickly carry out all stages of prosthetics of any complexity. We specialize in medical tourism, therefore we carry out a full range of services using innovative technologies that involve an integrated approach and the most productive solution to problems in the shortest possible time, completely eliminating the occurrence of complications.

If you still have questions about prosthetics in Minsk or you are interested in the price of services, click on the free consultation button or write to the mail: Be healthy!

  • Cost
  • Durationfrom 5 days
  • Free consultation
  • Personal Manager
  • Card payment is possible

Advantages of dental prosthetics in Belarus:

  • The whole treatment process takes 5 days
  • No discomfort when talking or eating
  • Externally, the prosthesis looks like real teeth
  • The patient gets used to the prosthesis in a week
  • Affordable installation cost
  • Good quality materials
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