Periodontology is a narrow branch of dentistry that deals with the study, prevention and treatment of pathologies of the parotid tissues. In the competence of the periodontist there are diseases of all components of the periodontium-gums, periodontal ligaments, periosteum, tooth cement, alveolar processes, etc. Periodontics is inextricably linked with professional dental hygiene-as a rule, it is insufficient or improper oral hygiene that leads a person to an appointment with a periodontist.

Prevention and diagnosis of periodontal diseases

In most cases, the diseases considered in periodontology do not have obvious signs at the initial stages and can be treated by simply strengthening hygiene procedures. But if this is not done in a timely manner, the bacteria will begin to actively multiply and destroy the periodontium in various ways. Plaque will begin to form, bad breath may appear, inflammation and bleeding of the gums will form. There may be other symptoms that leave you feeling uncomfortable.

A systematic visit to the dentist is one of the main conditions for the prevention, early diagnosis and effective treatment of major periodontal diseases: gingivitis, periodontitis and periodontitis. Each of the above-mentioned diseases is like the next, more severe stage of one disease. The later you seek help, the more serious the treatment will be. Therefore, the cost will also be higher. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you do not delay.

Treatment of diseases by a periodontist

Examination of the gums and diagnosis is performed by a periodontist both visually, with the help of a probe, and with the help of radiographs, which allow you to detect and assess the degree of loss of bone tissue during treatment at serious stages.

Depending on the degree of the disease and the existing abnormalities, treatment can be different-from painless removal of plaque and stones to deep open curettage of periodontal pockets and removal of affected tissues under anesthesia.

No matter how serious the disease is, the periodontists of the Medservisbelarus company in Minsk will do everything to eliminate it, restore the gums and preserve the teeth, without resorting to their extraction. We guarantee the provision of gum treatment services at the highest technical level at a reasonable and fair cost.

  • Cost
  • Durationfrom 5 days
  • Free consultation
  • Personal manager
  • Payment by card is possible

Benefits of providing periodontist services:

  • The best in Belarus periodontology;
  • Accurate diagnosis at the earliest stages;
  • Modern X-ray equipment;
  • Effective and safe anesthesia;
  • Advice on prevention after treatment;
  • Experience working with patients from all over the world.
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