We invite you to evaluate all the benefits of medical tourism and visit our orthodontics departments in Belarus. Our experienced specialists have created all the conditions for Russians. Now the stay in the clinic will become as comfortable and safe as possible.

Features of orthodontic treatment procedures

Patients are received by an experienced orthodontist who is constantly working to improve his qualifications and master new unique technologies that make it possible to correct the bite as quickly as possible at any age. A specialist will make even a complex procedure absolutely painless for the client. The orthodontist will select an individual technique for each patient. Modern methods of using bracket systems and aligners have been successfully used since the second half of the twentieth century and managed to prove their effectiveness.

Solving a patient problem

Specialists in the field of orthodontics carry out multi-stage work with the patient to achieve a flawless result. Before visiting the clinic, the client visits the dentist to conduct a preliminary examination of the oral cavity and perform its sanitation. The specialist performs a volumetric tomography or panoramic image of the jaw to estimate the final price of the service and to predict further treatment.

In our clinics in Belarus, the patient visits the orthodontics department, pays the cost of treatment and receives highly qualified assistance. After a preliminary examination of the oral cavity by an orthopedist, braces or aligners are installed. Bite correction is successfully carried out at any age, therefore, medical tourism is gaining maximum popularity in Belarus, allowing you to solve complex problems at the lowest price and European quality level.

  • Cost
  • Durationfrom 3 days
  • Free consultation
  • Personal manager
  • Payment by card is possible

Our clinics are considered one of the best in Minsk due to several factors:

  • Complex treatment lasts no more than five to seven days;
  • Patients can be sure of the end result;
  • The cost of orthodontist services is minimal;
  • Visually the bracket system can be almost invisible;
  • It will take the client a couple of days to get used to the braces.
  • Поддержка весь период лечения
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