Tooth extraction is one of the most common services in surgical dentistry. It consists in extracting the tooth from the dental alveolus.

For medical reasons, the procedure can be divided into two types. Planned removal is prescribed for abnormalities that do not respond to conservative treatment. But at the same time, they do not cause acute pain and do not carry the risk of spreading infection and other complications in the short term.

Emergency removal is a necessary measure in cases of acute purulent inflammation, abscesses and other manifestations that can spread to the bone and other tissues. Depending on the clinical picture, both complete and partial extraction may be indicated.

Stages of tooth extraction

Before the start of treatment, the dentist performs a general examination and interviews the patient for contraindications. This can be taking blood-thinning drugs, infectious and heart diseases in acute form, early and late stages of pregnancy, etc. Only after that, the specialist decides on the possibility of surgical intervention, adhering to the main principle of medicine-primum non nocere (the main thing is not to harm). For the same reason, the next stage of the procedure is an X-ray.

Immediately before the tooth is removed, local anesthesia or general sedation of the body is performed, causing drug-induced sleep. Then the surgeon separates the gum from the neck and applies forceps until the tooth is completely fixed, after which he dislocates it by luxation (swinging) or rotation (rotation). The first method is used on multi – root teeth (in particular, wisdom teeth), the second-on single-root teeth.

Today, there are more gentle solutions to this problem – in particular, the removal of teeth with a laser and ultrasound. To get even more information about the services and their cost, please contact us by phone or make an appointment. The most experienced specialists in Belarus will help you get rid of a bad tooth carefully, painlessly and at an affordable, fair price.

  • Cost
  • Durationfrom 1 day
  • Free consultation
  • Personal Manager
  • Card payment is possible

Advantages of surgical dentistry in Belarus:

  • Painless removal of even the "difficult" teeth;
  • Experience of dental surgeons from 10 years;
  • Own X-ray room;
  • Average price level with the highest level of service;
  • Make an appointment for the procedure at a convenient time;
  • Detailed advice on further hygiene and prevention.
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