Aesthetic dentistry

Aesthetic dentistry is a complex of dental services aimed at improving the appearance of teeth from eliminating small defects on one tooth to creating the famous “Hollywood” smile. To create a perfect smile, modern dentistry in Belarus uses special linings-veneers and lumineers.

Briefly about the similarities and differences between veneers and lumineers

Veneer-a thin (0.7 – 0.3 mm) non-removable overlay on the front, side and cutting parts of the tooth, which provides its aesthetic appeal. It can be installed even on one tooth, since there is a technical possibility of accurate color selection. The complete installation cycle takes an average of two weeks – the plates are made by our specialists. The service is available to a wide range of people.

Lumineer is a type of very thin (0.3 mm) veneer made of a special material developed and patented in the United States. It is installed immediately on a significant number of teeth, since a single plate, due to the characteristics of the material, will stand out against the background of teeth without overlays. They are made only in the United States, so the period from the first visit to the dentist to the installation can reach several months. The service is available to patients with a good income – the cost of lumineers is several times higher.

We should also highlight pickguard company is one of the latest innovations in aesthetic dentistry. This overlay is approximately identical to the luminaire in thickness and some other parameters, but it is cheaper.

Stages of installation of dental linings

The work begins with a complete examination of the oral cavity, including an X-ray. This allows you to identify all the obvious and implicit defects, so that the mini-prostheses serve as long as possible, and no destructive processes occur in the teeth under them.

After the examination, the dentist performs a sanitization of the oral cavity – caries is treated (if any), if necessary, gum treatment is performed, old fillings are replaced, etc.

Then the preparation is carried out-turning the teeth to give them an ideal shape for the installation of the veneer. A layer equal to the thickness of the selected veneers is removed. In cases where lumineers are selected, and the patient’s teeth are small and with large interdental spaces, turning may not be necessary. To avoid discomfort, anesthesia is used, after turning – temporary veneers that protect the” bare ” teeth and eliminate the risk of injury to the tongue with their sharp worn edges.

After the preparation, the specialist makes a cast, which is sent to our laboratory or to the United States-depending on the selected overlays.

When the plates are ready, they are tried on and, if necessary, sent for revision. And then they install and check the bite with the help of a special reflective composition.

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  • Cost
  • Durationfrom 3 days
  • Free consultation
  • Personal Manager
  • Card payment is possible

Advantages of aesthetic dentistry in Belarus:

  • Preparation for the procedure eliminates the risk of tooth destruction under the veneer;
  • Dentists with at least 10 years of experience;
  • Own dental laboratory;
  • Fine selection of the shade of veneers on the Vita scale;
  • The service life of the luminaires can reach 20 years;
  • Quality assurance with proper oral hygiene.
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