Express implantation

Service description

Dental implantation is a painless procedure, the purpose of which is to place a titanium implant in the place of a missing tooth, for further fixation of a fixed denture on it. This dentition restoration technique has been used since 1965 and has proven its reliability.

Stages of work

The first stage is preparatory

It all starts with the sanitation of the oral cavity: caries treatment, cleaning, etc. Next, the patient sends us a panoramic image or 3D tomography. Our doctors review the image and draw up a treatment plan and cost.

The second stage is at the clinic

1 day.
An initial examination is carried out with an implantologist and an orthopedist. Installation of implants is performed under local anesthesia (1-3 hours).
2nd day.
The orthopedist takes impressions for the manufacture of a prosthesis
3rd day.
The prosthesis frame is tried on and corrected
4th day.
Approval of the finished prosthesis
5th day.
Fixation of the prosthesis on implants
6th day.
Control examination, final correction and registration of an official guarantee. Happy patient goes home

As you can see, everything is pretty clear and simple. Thank you to the well-coordinated professional team of our specialists who constantly perform such wonderful operations, with a 98% success rate.

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We will help you at all stages and everything will go perfectly. Be healthy!

  • Cost
  • Durationfrom 5 days
  • Free consultation
  • Personal manager
  • Payment by card is possible

Pros of express dental implantation in Belarus:

  • The whole treatment process takes 5 days
  • No bone grafting required
  • Much cheaper than conventional implantation
  • Externally, the prosthesis looks like real teeth
  • No discomfort when talking or eating
  • The patient gets used to the prosthesis in a week
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