Dentistry in Belarus is characterized by high quality services and very reasonable prices, which is why the number of foreign patients is only growing every year. High quality and affordable prices are due to the close attention and support of the dental sector from the state.

According to independent studies, the cost of dental treatment and prosthetics in Belarus is 2 times lower than in Russia, 3 times lower than in eastern Europe, and 4 times lower than in Western Europe.

For example, a patient with segmental or complete dental implants can easily save several thousand dollars! This difference in cost allows you to pay for housing, food and road, and also save enough money.

According to the terms, depending on the type of dental treatment, you just need to take a small vacation from 1 to 5 days, and come to us in Minsk. We will prepare a treatment plan in advance, reducing the time as much as possible, without loss of quality, at the lowest price. The patient knows all the nuances of the upcoming treatment in advance. Of course, our clinics are licensed and provide an official guarantee for all services.

In Minsk, you will be able to escape from everyday life, once and for all help your teeth, and return home with a beautiful smile! The specialists of “Med Service Belarus” are ready to answer any of your questions related to dental treatment in Belarus and the organization of the trip. Please contact us for a free consultation by filling out the feedback form, calling or writing an email to If you have a panoramic image or a 3D tomography of your teeth, send it along with your request. Let’s help your teeth together!