Liposuction is a procedure that is a radical operation to remove fat deposits in a certain area of the body. Plastic surgery is in demand among both women and men. The task of this intervention is to remove excess fat from the abdomen, legs, chin, and make the appearance more aesthetic.

Indications for treatment

Cosmetic surgery will help people with sagging belly folds and overly full thighs become more attractive and confident. This procedure does not cure obesity and does not affect the mechanism of formation of fat deposits. A suitable candidate for this correction is a person with an average (or slightly higher) weight, firm and elastic skin, good overall health and the presence of local fat deposits that do not disappear when following a diet and performing physical exercises.

Liposuction itself can be of several types:

  • vacuum (classic) – you can remove a large amount of fat (for example, on my feet), but the invasiveness of this procedure is high;
  • ultrasound – allows you to effectively destroy fat without the occurrence of post-surgical scars;
  • tumescent – is execution of smaller surgical incisions, minimal trauma and the dosed volume of fat removal;
  • radio wave is characterized by insignificant risk of complications and a high aesthetic result, but is only used when the removal of fat mass a small amount;
  • laser-a painless and safe procedure that guarantees perfect aesthetics with a limited amount of fat removed.

In Minsk, you can perform any type of liposuction, the highest price is at the laser. Correction involves performing the procedure without incisions, even on small areas (chin, knees, hands). Laser lipolysis is not traumatic, there will be no traces on the abdomen, legs and other parts of the body after the procedure. This operation can be done in combination with other methods of weight loss – massage, mesotherapy, classical liposuction.

How does liposuction work

The basic medicine of this operation involves the removal of fat through cannulas connected to the negative pressure device created.
Ultrasound correction is performed using ultrasound waves; it is relevant for people with extensive fat masses, for example, on the abdomen, thighs. In the tumescent (chemical) procedure, a saline solution that dilutes adipose tissue is used, and in the radio wave procedure, high – frequency waves are used, with the help of which fat is destroyed.
A little bit about how much the correction costs in Minsk: you can find out the prices at the consultation, because it depends on the type of intervention and the number of affected areas.

  • Cost
  • Durationfrom 1 day
  • Free consultation
  • Personal Manager
  • Card payment is possible

Advantages of liposuction in Belarus:

  • quick fix of the problem;
  • minimal risk of complications;
  • short rehabilitation period;
  • perfect body aesthetics;
  • safe and effective anesthesia;
  • european quality and reasonable price.
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