Intimate plastic

Intimate plastic surgery refers to a number of operations on the female and male genitals, which are used to improve their appearance or return to their former sensitivity. With the help of intimate plastic surgery, you can correct the presence of congenital and acquired defects.

Indications for treatment

For women, a particularly relevant procedure is the reduction of the labia minora (labioplasty), and for men – an increase in the penis (phalloplasty).

Other indications for surgery for women include the presence of:

  • abnormalities and malformations of the genital organs;
  • deformation resulting surgeries and injuries, including post-partum;
  • discomfort during intercourse, energeticheski;
  • low muscle tone due to age-related changes;

The indications also include aesthetic dissatisfaction with the appearance of the intimate area. In Belarus, plastic surgery can be done to narrow the vagina and even reconstruct the hymen.

For men, indications are the presence of:

  • various congenital pathologies;
  • penile underdevelopment;
  • defects after surgical interventions and injuries.

Men’s intimate plastic surgery is often performed in order to change the size and shape of the penis, adjust the bridle, get rid of erectile dysfunction.

How does intimate plastic surgery work

Surgical intervention, as a rule, involves the removal of excess tissue, the formation of a new optimal, maximally symmetrical shape. For women, plastic surgery to increase the labia may be relevant – it is carried out using their own adipose tissue, collagen or hyaluronic acid. Men’s plastic surgery often involves the use of their own tissues, silicone implants or fillers.

The process of performing intimate plastic surgery depends on the purpose, volume and cost of the work performed. Any procedure requires a detailed consultation, preoperative examination, collection of material for analysis, complete epilation of the intimate area. Most often, local anesthesia is used, if the patient wishes, the doctor can use general anesthesia. The duration of the intervention varies within 60-90 minutes, a stay in the hospital is not required, you can return to the usual schedule after 2-3 days.

Performing intimate plastic surgery can be complicated by the appearance of edema or bleeding. In the first few days after surgery, there is an increased risk of infection, so it is important to follow the recommendations for recovery – use sterile wipes, do not take hot baths, refrain from sexual activity for a while.

You can find out how much the procedure costs in Minsk at an individual consultation with a plastic surgeon.

  • Cost
  • Durationfrom 1 day
  • Free consultation
  • Personal Manager
  • Card payment is possible

Advantages of performing intimate plastic surgery in Belarus:

  • quick correction of the genitals;
  • minimal risk of complications;
  • the shortest possible recovery period;
  • perfect body aesthetics;
  • safe and effective anesthesia;
  • european quality and affordable price.
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