Facelift is a procedure aimed at getting rid of the visible signs of aging of the skin. Wrinkles, nasolabial folds, formed skin-fat folds under the jaw-all this looks unsightly, causes discomfort and uncertainty. Fortunately, you can prolong your youth with a facelift!

Indications for treatment

Plastic surgery involves the removal of excess adipose tissue, tightening and distribution of the skin of the face and neck. Facelift in Belarus is in demand among women aged 40-55 years. The most common indication for such an operation is the presence of pronounced skin changes that are difficult to correct cosmetically.

Facelift is relevant for people with:

  • rough folds and deep wrinkles;
  • excess skin in the area in front of the ears;
  • a double chin, with overhanging eyebrows and upper eyelids;
  • the”bags” under the eyes and “Bryl” over the lower jaw;
  • pronounced flabbiness of the neck skin.

Facelift is also used by those who need to restore the natural oval of the face. Based on the indications and wishes of the patient, you can do a face lift on one part of it, or on several. The procedure is often supplemented by rhinoplasty or otoplasty.

How is the facelift going

There are several basic methods of facelifting – traditional circular, endoscopic, using special threads. In the course of any operation, incisions, scars and the postoperative period are inevitable.

Circular facial plastic surgery for mature patients is more often performed using frame threads – they are fixed in the tissues, promote the production of collagen, and help to keep the skin in place due to the scar formed.

Plastic surgery offers another method of rejuvenation – “seamless facelift”, better known as “endoscopic facelift”.

This method of plastic surgery:

  • involves small incisions 1 cm long, hidden in the hair, behind the ears, or in the mouth;
  • the excess skin on the face is not excised, the tissues are simply redistributed, and the subcutaneous structures are tightened;
  • the surgeon sees the corrected area thanks to an endoscope inserted through small incisions;
  • plastic surgery is performed using the finest tools.

The duration of any procedure is 2-4 hours. Stitches on the face are removed after 10-12 days, the duration of the rehabilitation period for each method is different – from 14 days to 2 months.

You can find out information about the cost of a facelift in Minsk at an individual consultation with a plastic surgeon.

  • Cost
  • Durationfrom 1 day
  • Free consultation
  • Personal Manager
  • Card payment is possible

Advantages of facelifting in Belarus::

  • quick and painless operation;
  • minimal risk of complications;
  • the shortest possible recovery period;
  • perfect facial aesthetics;
  • safe and effective anesthesia;
  • european quality and affordable price.
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