Plastic surgery

Plastic surgery is a medical industry with which you can change your appearance and improve your health. Recently, plastic surgery has begun to enjoy considerable demand: it allows you to correct various defects, restore the aesthetic appearance and physiological functionality of the organ.

The cost of the service in Belarus depends on the specific surgical intervention, the complexity of its implementation, and sometimes on the patient himself. In any case, plastic is an opportunity to create attractive shapes, the right proportions and the necessary volumes.

Advantages of plastic surgery with “Med Service Belarus”

There are two types of plastic surgery: reconstructive and aesthetic. The first ones are in demand among people with congenital defects and pronounced defects of appearance, and the second ones are among those who just want to improve the appearance of a certain part of the body. Plastic surgery of the nose, eyelids, mammary glands, ears, face, buttocks, abdomen – Med Service Belarus»provides the most up-to-date services, the prices of which are several times lower than the world average. People decide on surgical interventions and cosmetic procedures, fly a couple of thousand kilometers for the sake of the dream appearance and beauty tourism; recreation in combination with wellness procedures.

By the way, Russians, EU citizens and clients from dozens of other countries do not need a visa to visit Belarus! You can come to the clinic accompanied by a manager who will meet you at the airport or at the train station, arrange a transfer, and purchase the necessary medicines. Beauty tourism expands its horizons, people come to Belarus from other countries in order to get high-quality service for relatively little money.

A few more advantages of “Med Service Belarus” in Minsk:

  • the best specialists in their field work in the clinics;
  • when performing plastic surgery, only modern equipment is used;
  • the treatment is accompanied by state support – each procedure is performed as efficiently and safely as possible.

Plastic surgery, whether it is rhinoplasty or liposuction, is performed after examining the patient, discussing the purpose of correction, passing laboratory tests and performing instrumental examinations. The intervention itself is carried out in accordance with a previously agreed plan. At the end of the procedure, each patient will have a recovery stage of dressing, postoperative observation, and further counseling.

In “Med Service Belarus” they do not change, but only help to become themselves. Here surgeons give an opportunity to get the desired harmony of health, beauty and longevity.