Cancer is a disease that began with a mutation. A normal cell works properly, in accordance with its internal clock, and a cancer cell grows and divides uncontrollably. The disease can affect any organ, whether it is the thyroid or prostate gland, lung, intestines or uterus – there are no inaccessible places for cancer.

The oncology department deals with the treatment of a whole group of diseases. In Belarus, cancer therapy is aimed at complete healing or palliative care, limiting the spread of the tumor, extending life as much as possible.

Approaches and stages of treatment

The choice of cancer treatment method depends on the form and stage of the disease, the localization of the tumor and its scale, the aggressiveness of the course of the disease, the general condition of the patient. Most often, the therapy is complex – several methods are used simultaneously or alternately.

In Belarus, the treatment of cancer patients is accompanied by:

  • surgical operations;
  • radiation therapy;
  • taking medications.

The latter method includes chemotherapy, biological and hormonal treatment, and immunotherapy. Concomitant diseases also affect the success of treatment (the healthier a person is, the more likely it is to achieve remission), therefore, therapy planning is individual for each patient.

How the tumor is removed

A life-threatening malignant neoplasm can not always be determined in time. It is not uncommon for a person to learn about the presence of a disease already at the last stage of cancer development, when he has metastasized throughout the body. Even if the tumor focus is removed by surgery, the remaining cells can contribute to the development of new neoplasms.

Cancer patients need a high-quality diagnosis, according to the results of which a treatment plan will be created. At the fourth stage, the operation to remove the tumor is almost meaningless – multiple metastases in combination with deep disability and weakness often do not respond to treatment. In other cases, during the surgical intervention, both the tumor itself and nearby tissues, lymph nodes are removed. This procedure gives a chance for a full-fledged cure.

There is no universal way to get rid of cancer – for each patient, its own method is selected.

Advantages of performing surgery for the treatment of a tumor in Minsk:

  • accurate diagnosis and effective solution;
  • maximum preservation of healthy tissues;
  • the latest diagnostic equipment;
  • individual treatment protocols;
  • safe anesthesia under the supervision of an anesthesiologist;
  • European quality and reasonable price services.

You can find out more about how oncology is treated, what tests you need to pass before conducting therapy and how much it will all cost, you can consult with an oncologist.