Treatment in Israel

6 reasons for treatment in clinics in Israel

Over the years, Israel has remained one of the main countries for medical tourism. Clinics of this small state receive tens of thousands of patients from abroad. People come here not only for treatment and rehabilitation after operations and injuries – people choose Israel for routine diagnostics, plastic surgeries and IVF.

Doctors training lasts about 10 years
In Israel, the training of doctors lasts about 10 years - only after that the young doctor gets the right to work in one of the Israeli hospitals. Almost all doctors additionally undergo training in the best medical centers in Europe and the USA - and this is not a matter of choice, but an obligatory part of the training.
High level of clinic equipment
The technical equipment of Israeli hospitals is impressive - the most modern diagnostic equipment is installed here, and during surgical operations, doctors use computerized systems.
Advanced treatments and diagnostics
Medicine in Israel is gradually abandoning methods of therapy that, by solving the main problem, can seriously harm the patient's health. In the treatment of tumors, instead of resection, more modern and gentle technologies are used - cryodestruction and a cyber knife (gamma radiation destruction of only affected cells).
Active scientific work
The Israeli Ministry of Health in every way stimulates and finances the development of medicine in the country, including supporting the development of new treatment methods. 8.3% of GNP is spent on the development of medicine - this is a huge amount. Such financial injections make it possible for Israeli specialists to provide excellent research conditions.
Affordable cost of treatment
Despite the great popularity that treatment has gained in Israel, the prices for medical services in this country remain affordable. The price of treatment in Israel is controlled by the state. Of course, here, as in any other country, there are "expensive" and "affordable" hospitals. However, on average, the cost of medical services in Israel is about a third lower than in Europe, and half the price than in the United States.
Comfortable climate
Israel will delight you with an excellent holiday and a varied entertainment program at any time of the year. The peak of tourist activity is observed immediately in several periods. Fans of beach vacations, as a rule, visit the country from the end of February to the end of May, as well as during the first two autumn months. In addition, a fairly popular time for visiting Israel is the period from early December to mid-January.


  • Dentistry
  • Plastic surgery
  • Oncology
  • Gynecology
  • Diagnostics

6 interesting facts about Israeli medicine

  • Israeli medicine has no age restrictions. Everyone is treated here - from infants to very elderly people aged 70–80 years and older.
  • Almost a third of medical personnel in Israel speak Russian. This fact makes Israeli medicine more accessible due to the lack of a language barrier.
  • Life expectancy in Israel is one of the highest in the world. 80.9 years for men and 82.6 years for women. This is largely due to the availability and high level of medical services.
  • The bitter experience of wars and regional conflicts brought the level of rehabilitation of patients with serious injuries and injuries to a very high level.
  • Thanks to local innovations and modern technologies, it is often possible to avoid surgical intervention and solve patient problems more quickly and successfully.
  • Belief in the spirituality of the Holy Land, the proximity of holy places and the availability of their visits often make the treatment even more successful.

Organization of treatment

The Med Service Belarus team is ready to help you organize treatment in Israeli clinics

  • Visa for citizens of Belarus is not needed
  • Duration of stay: no more than 30 consecutive days and no more than 90 total days during six months
  • Flight duration from Minsk: 3 h. 30 m.

Are you interested in treatment in Israel or have questions, click on the button for a free consultation or write to us by mail

Are you interested in treatment in Israel or have questions, click on the button for a free consultation or write to us by mail
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