Everything about visa-free travel in Belarus

The visa-free regime implies the possibility of crossing the state border without obtaining a visa. In Belarus, such an opportunity has appeared relatively recently.

Thanks to it, the number of visitors to the country is significantly increased, business boundaries are expanded, and additional investments are attracted.

Much has been said about visa-free travel: some think that it was worth resorting to this measure 10 years ago, while others are sure that this is a new stage in the development of our state. How it will actually be, only time will tell, but already today there are several visa-free regimes in Belarus. Let’s consider each of them in more detail.

For citizens of certain countries for 30 days of stay in Belarus.

To simplify the entry of foreign guests into the territory of Belarus, agreements were concluded with 80 countries calm in terms of migration. That is why, recently, the visa has been partially or completely canceled for tourists of certain countries. True, there is one “but” here. Such visa-free travel is only valid if certain rules and requirements are met. One of these requirements is to stay in any locality of Belarus for no more than 30 days, and entry and exit must be carried out through the Minsk National Airport. This procedure does not apply to other checkpoints and airports.

For visa-free travel for 30 days of stay, you need a valid passport, medical insurance, a sufficient amount of money – about 25 € for 1 day.

The countdown of the stay on the territory of Belarus starts from the moment the stamp is put. If you are in Belarus for more than 5 days, you must go through the registration procedure. When checking into a hotel, hostel, the administration is responsible for registration.

Visa-free regime with the possibility of staying in Belarus up to 15 days.

It is allowed to stay in Belarus without a visa for 15 days in the Grodno – Brest zone. This mode is available to citizens of more than 70 countries.

For such a visa-free visit, the tourist must provide a passport, a medical policy in the amount of € 10,000 or more, a migration card, a document authorizing to arrive in the visa-free territory.

To legally stay on the territory of the country without a visa, you can contact any tour operator who organizes the trip and takes care of all issues. The tourist will only need to provide the necessary documents for the tour.

Visa for Russians.

For Russian citizens, a visa is not required when visiting Belarus. They can enter the territory of our country with an internal passport. Without registration, Russians have the right to stay in our country for 90 days after entry, then they will need to register with the migration service.

Since the border between Russia and Belarus is conditional, documents are often not even checked on it. This allows Russian tourists to freely visit “blue-eyed” at any convenient time.