The number of plastic surgeries has increased due to COVID-19

Due to the coronavirus epidemic, new trends in plastic surgery have appeared. What do the terms “zoom boom” and “lockdown face” mean? We answer!

Side effects of the epidemic

The coronavirus epidemic has led to the fact that we spend a lot of time on the Internet. Many people work remotely, communicate with other people via the Internet.

During the epidemic, some people’s work is based on meetings and contacts with others, which are now carried out using a web camera window or a video conference. This allows you to see us and perceive us through reflection in a webcam or video conference. We look at ourselves more and more often than before the epidemic, which means that we see more shortcomings and imperfections in ourselves.

Plastic under the covid

New conditions

The epidemic has also spawned new terms, namely “zoom boom” and “lockdown face”. They identify disorders that occur as a result of frequently looking at yourself on the screen of a smartphone or computer. We can’t always turn off the web camera, so we are “doomed” to look at ourselves.

Looking at our reflection for too long makes us see imperfections and shortcomings in ourselves that we did not notice before. It is the passion for using web cameras that makes more and more people visit doctors of aesthetic medicine or plastic surgery.

Favorable time

The inability to go on vacation and isolation have led to the fact that more and more people decide to improve their appearance with the help of surgery. A long stay at home is also a good time for healing postoperative wounds. According to research, interest in plastic surgery in the United States has increased by 10%. Online consultations with aesthetic medicine doctors are also becoming more and more popular, because they have grown by 2.3% in this country.

The French, Italians and Germans are also more willing to “work” on their appearance. Among those who want to improve their appearance, there are both women and men who also want to be the embodiment of perfection and beauty.