Modern methods of cancer treatment in Belarus

Cancer is not a simple diagnosis, but it is being treated, it is not a sentence. To combat malignant education, oncologists of Belarus use all possible modern methods of treatment.

The main success of treatment is early detection of the disease, then patients have more chances of recovery. But even at stages 3-4, you should not give up, because the percentage of five-year survival rate with such a diagnosis is about 15-20%.

How is cancer treated?

A cancerous tumor develops in the early stages asymptomatically and gradually. In advanced cases, it becomes more aggressive and leads to immune disorders and malfunctions of certain cells in the body. There are many types of tumor processes. Education itself is the end “result” of the manifestation of the disease. As a rule, in the early stages there is a violation of the homeostasis of the body, asymptomatic changes in systems and organs, in analyzes.

The process of cancer treatment is complex and depends on the stage, type, location of the tumor, and the patient’s age. Most often, the doctor prescribes surgical treatment for the patient in tandem with courses of radiotherapy and chemotherapy. If the procedures are effective, rehabilitation treatment is carried out.

Recently, oncotherapy has been supplemented with new methods, one of which is cell therapy. It resembles vaccination.

It happens like this: blood is taken, dendritic cells are identified in the laboratory. Then they are stimulated with antigens for a specific tumor and introduced into the body.

Dendritic cells are found in all tissues and organs. Their peculiarity is that they can recognize viruses, tumor fragments, activate processes to combat them.

Dendritic cells are used both after removal of the formation, and when it is impossible to remove the tumor. The advantage of cell therapy is its safety, as only cancer cells are destroyed by this method.

Belarusian scientists are seriously engaged in the development of new methods of fighting cancer and it must be admitted that they are very successful. The first attempts to treat dendritic cells in the world were made in 1990. For 10 years of researching this method, our specialists have been able to achieve amazing results – patient survival has increased significantly.

The cost of such therapy in Belarus is an order of magnitude lower than in Israel. For example, for one course with dendritic cells in Minsk you will have to pay about $ 3,000 – $ 5,000, while in Israel a similar procedure will cost $ 50,000 – $ 100,000.

When treating cancer, Belarusian specialists rely on European standards, fully master the entire range of innovative techniques.

Cell therapy is not a separate method, but an additional technique that improves the prognosis of cancer treatment.

Belarusian oncologists are constantly training in leading world centers, studying new methods of fighting cancer, which made it possible to reach the same level in the treatment of this ailment with the leading European centers.