Orthodontist’s answers to questions

Is it better to start correcting the wrong position of the teeth in childhood?

This is true, which is due to the processes of more intensive natural growth of the human body during his childhood, adolescence, and youth.

Similarly to the bones, the growth of teeth occurs much more intensively during this period.

That is why it is much easier for an orthodontist to control and correct the process of tooth growth, the correct direction of their growth in childhood, doing this even before the final formation and fusion of the jaw bones, the final fixing of the molars in it. Similarly, it turns out to be easier for the patient himself.

The love of biting nails, frequent colds, allergic diseases, for example, the same rhinitis with a high probability can very significantly affect the narrowing of the upper jaw. But why?

In most such cases, this is due to the fact that children often breathe purely reflexively not through the nose, but through the mouth, including doing it in a dream.

In the process of breathing through the mouth, a reflex lowering of the tongue to the bottom of the oral cavity occurs, without stimulating or significantly limiting the process of growth of the upper jaw.

This quickly leads to a noticeable narrowing of the upper jaw with the parallel process of stimulating the increased growth of the lower jaw, as a result of which an incorrect bite is formed in a person.

In addition to the love of children and many adults to suck their fingers, chew any other improvised objects, always guaranteed to be infested with an unlimited number of quite dangerous pathogens of bacterial and viral diseases, orthodontists also do not recommend giving some children, for example, sucking nipples. This practice is periodically found in the process of raising even three-year-old children.

Any foreign object, an object that periodically enters the oral cavity, while being between the teeth or having too noticeable an impact on them, contributes to the creation of additional prerequisites for the formation of an incorrect bite.

Breathing through the nose for the formation of a correct bite is no less important.

Early, that is, early and intentional removal of baby teeth also has an extremely negative effect on the subsequent formation of the bite?

This is indeed the case. It is for this reason that it is necessary to treat baby teeth in a timely manner, constantly monitoring their condition, the direction of growth. This is extremely important, because the absolute majority of people do not pay enough attention to the condition and direction of growth of baby teeth, believing that in return they will certainly grow molars correctly later.

But it is the gradual, uneven and inconsistent change of the milk teeth by the molars, which are already growing in the wrong direction, that thereby affects the entire jaw, forming the prerequisites for the subsequent final formation of an incorrect bite.

The replacement of milk teeth with molars should occur in a timely and exclusively natural way. It is necessary to interfere in this process only in the most extreme cases, for example, with the development of obvious pathologies, including carious ones, which will then inevitably affect the formation of an incorrect bite.

The influence of any factor contributing to the creation of an artificial gap in the teeth inevitably leads to a gradual, insignificant, but inevitable displacement of the teeth.

As a result, already at the next stage of jaw formation, the molars have no opportunities for their normal, correct and full-fledged growth. They often have nowhere to go or it is extremely difficult for them to grow, so the growing tooth chooses the optimal direction of growth for itself from the possible ones.

In such cases, the molars do not have a place, a space for their subsequent cutting. And for a noticeable distortion of the entire bite, the initial deviation of just one tooth is enough. It inevitably affects the skew, the wrong direction of growth of adjacent teeth located both under and above it.

In many ways, this is similar to the domino effect, when one falling knuckle affects the neighboring one, provoking the subsequent fall of all other elements that are in the availability zone, in the zone of initial contact with it.

The teeth are located in much closer, close, intense contact with each other compared to the same domino knuckles. Therefore, the misalignment of just one or several teeth has a noticeable effect on the subsequent formation of a permanent, final malocclusion.

As a result, the molars grow in the direction where they have the opportunity. And if you want to change it, correct it already in adulthood, it turns out to be much more difficult to do, because both jaws are already completely formed, all the teeth are located in the optimal possible way. And for correction of malocclusion it is necessary to gradually adjust the direction of growth of almost every tooth.

That is why the correction of the wrong direction of growth of still baby teeth turns out to be much easier, affordable, convenient and much less painful.

In addition to this, it always turns out to be several times cheaper than the subsequent intervention of an orthodontist already in adulthood. As a result, you are guaranteed to become the owner of a beautiful smile with the right bite, with which you can even appear in an advertisement for toothpaste or something else.

But for this, timely dental care and correction of the direction of their growth are extremely important. Therefore, it is worth thinking about the need for the formation of a correct bite or the formation of an objectively incorrect bite in advance, in advance.

< p>Crowding of teeth or, conversely, uncharacteristic gaps between them, the subsequent formation of an incorrect bite are just some of the consequences of untimely correction of the direction of tooth growth or its complete absence. It is for these reasons that after the forced removal of baby teeth associated with their mechanical or carious damage, the dentist should refer such a patient to an orthodontist. Because it turns out to be much easier, easier, cheaper and more convenient for the patient himself, who is a potential owner of an incorrect bite.

To correct the wrong direction of tooth growth in children, orthodontists install prostheses or special crowns with spacers to preserve the space necessary for the normal growth of permanent (root – ed.) teeth.

When is it worth or objectively necessary to bring your child to the dentist for the first time for consultation?

It is advisable to do this after the final cutting of all baby teeth. In most people, this happens already at the age of 3, 3.5 years. It makes sense to make the first visit to an orthodontist for a professional assessment of the correctness of the process of forming the child’s bite, to minimize the potential impact of harmful habits of the child on the process of natural formation of the correct bite. To do this, you can use not only highly specialized orthodontic devices, but also resort to special gymnastics for the same gums, teeth, and exercises for the tongue.

During this period, it is important to control the correct attachment of the bridles of the upper and lower lips, as well as the tongue. Various pathologies of their normal development can lead to the subsequent formation of an incorrect bite in a child even in childhood.