Bad breath

The problem of bad breath (halitosis) is quite common. Anyone can face it. Surely among your acquaintances there is one who has an unpleasant smell from the mouth. Perhaps he is a good and kind person, but communication with him does not bring joy. On the contrary, you try to reduce being with him to a minimum. And it may happen that he will fall out of the circle of your acquaintances altogether. It is because of bad breath…

How to determine what smells bad from the mouth

Often a person does not realize that his breath smells bad. We are used to our own smells and often do not feel them at all.

There are few ways to find out if your breath smells. This:

  • to ask a person close to you, to whom it is not a shame to ask this question;
  • to breathe on the palm and smell;
  • hold the back of the dessert spoon over the tongue (preferably along the entire length), and after it dries, sniff the spoon.

In short, it will not be difficult to find out about the smell from the mouth. It’s another matter to eliminate it. Why the first step is to find the reason why it smells so bad.

Possible causes of bad breath

  1. You like to add onion dishes to your diet. Perhaps for lunch, the second course you had zucchini with garlic sauce. And for breakfast on an empty stomach, you drank a glass of milk. In such cases, bad breath is inevitable. But not scary. Because it will pass itself after the expiration of time. And it is better to eliminate it by brushing your teeth or rinsing your mouth with an antiseptic rinse.
  2. You have awakened from a dream. And you have bad breath. This is due to the bacteria that accumulated overnight in the oral cavity. The smell will certainly disappear after brushing your teeth.
  3. You haven’t eaten for a long time and are hungry. In this case, it may also smell bad from the mouth, because the stomach is experiencing discomfort. The smell will disappear immediately after eating.
  4. You have eaten well. From the heart. In case of overeating, the stomach will again experience discomfort. And again it will smell bad from the mouth. But do not worry: after a couple of hours, there will be no trace of the bad smell.

Bad breath

If the smell does not disappear over time, and hygiene products do not negate it, then it is a consequence of the body’s malfunctions. They can be diseases of a dental nature or some kind of inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract. And the elimination of bad breath will depend entirely on the elimination of the causes that caused it, that is, the cure of a particular disease.

The smell from the oral cavity, requiring medical intervention, may have the following reasons:

  1. Dental, namely the presence of stomatitis, caries, periodontitis, tartar. Such problems in the oral cavity, caused by the activation of harmful bacteria, cause an unhealthy smell from the mouth. And the inflammation of the internal dental tissues (gangrenous pulpitis) caused by caries is determined precisely by the bad smell. Eliminate the smell by treatment of gums and teeth from these diseases.
  2. Dry mouth. By no means a harmless thing, as you might think. After all, xerostomia is when the dryness of the oral mucosa is overestimated – there is a violation of the functions of the glands that secrete saliva. It is not produced enough, there is no cleansing of the oral cavity from bacteria, so it smells from the mouth. Perhaps the feeling of dry mouth is caused by diabetes mellitus. Or tremulous paralysis, that is, Parkinson’s disease. Such diseases should be treated.
  3. The intestines, pancreas, kidneys or liver are ill. The struggling organism begins to remove harmful substances that have penetrated into the blood through the lungs. Hence the bad-smelling breath.
  4. It happens that the oral cavity smells due to diseases of gastritis and stomach ulcers. But if it smells, it is very unpleasant, because the smell from the stomach area penetrates into the oral cavity directly through the esophagus. It is possible to exclude the smell only by curing these diseases and following diets.
  5. Diseases of angina, pharyngitis, sinusitis, acute tonsillitis. These diseases of the nasopharynx are purulent in nature, which causes bad breath.
  6. Pneumonia, tuberculosis. That is, lung diseases. The decay of lung tissue causes a bad smell when breathing. It is necessary to treat such diseases.

Thus, in order to get rid of the unpleasant smell, you should destroy the cause of the smell. That is, the bacteria that cause it. And in the future, using various preventive measures, make sure that pathogenic bacteria do not revive again.