Myths about wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth are associated with quite a lot of different information (often contradictory), because each person has their own process of appearance. In the wake of this, many different myths appear, because of which people come to hasty and rash decisions, fearing that these “late” teeth will bring problems.

In fact, their only difference is that they appear at a late age, so the process is often accompanied by very unpleasant sensations, and otherwise everything depends on the specific jaw and the state of the oral cavity.

As for the myths, you can often hear the following

Wisdom teeth are shown exclusively in adolescence

This is a rather ambiguous statement, because they can appear at the age of 15 to 30 years, and can be later. The reason for their late appearance is that they begin to form at the age of 3-5 years, when the other teeth are already fully formed, respectively, their development is delayed and can be completely different.

It is noteworthy that some people do not have these teeth at all.

All the unpleasant sensations in the process just need to endure

This is absolutely not the case, because wisdom teeth do not always grow and develop correctly, respectively, the pain will be unnatural and strong, and in such cases they should not be tolerated in any case. It is necessary to consult a dentist.

Wisdom teeth should always be removed as soon as they erupt

This is also the wrong position, because they are no different from ordinary teeth. As for the removal, it is relevant if the teeth grow incorrectly, their shape interferes with the rest of the teeth, or in the process of their appearance, inflammatory and purulent processes begin. In such situations, the teeth can harm the entire oral cavity, and it is really better to remove them, but if there are no such situations and symptoms, then you can safely leave them and not worry.

To remove wisdom teeth is painful, difficult, and very expensive

This is partly true, but again it is true if there is some pathology. Like any tooth extraction, it will be painful, and as for the complexity, it lies in their location and the presence of several roots that can not be extracted at once. In the end, everything will depend on the specific teeth and the dentist’s medical skills.

Naturally, unpleasant sensations after removal can last a little longer, but if everything is done correctly, then over time everything will pass, and the person will not remember them.

Wisdom teeth are not treated

Quite a stupid statement, because they are the same teeth as the rest, respectively, subject to treatment. The only catch is that it is inconvenient and quite difficult to treat them, so much will depend on the work of a particular dentist.

Their removal is an extreme case, so do not rush to such a categorical decision.

Most of these myths appear because of unpleasant sensations and fears of specific people, and they are practically irrelevant to reality, so if growing wisdom teeth are very disturbing, before you start to panic, you should definitely visit the dentist.