Who and where goes to Belarus for treatment?

According to the above statistics, in 2019 more than 150,000 people from other countries applied to Belarus in order to receive medical services. What is the reason for this demand?

Medical tourism in our country began to develop back in 2010, and with the introduction of a visa-free regime, it has acquired incredible proportions. The country’s convenient geographic location, affordable prices and the availability of world-renowned doctors have done their job.

Many are sure that they come to us for treatment because of the affordable cost, but this is not entirely true. Most foreign patients apply to clinics in Belarus to receive quality medical services.

Most often, foreigners from Ukraine, Moldova, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan, Sudan, and Tajikistan apply for medical services to the centers and clinics of Belarus. In 70% of cases, they apply for cosmetic procedures. Plastic surgery services are especially popular. Their cost in Minsk is 2-3 times lower than in European clinics, and the result is very high.

The treatment of oncological diseases is no less in demand. Actually, given that about 30% of the population of our planet suffers from this disease, such a demand is quite understandable and understandable. In addition, the cost of the services of oncologists from the USA and Europe is prohibitive, and in Belarus complex treatment of a malignant tumor costs about $ 10,000 on average.

Check-up diagnostics, neurosurgery, ophthalmology and other areas are also in demand.

They also go to Belarus to solve complex problems, for example, for bone marrow transplantation, for individual management of childbirth. The provision of these services is carried out at the highest level. Modern equipment is used, patients are treated only by highly qualified doctors who use innovative and effective techniques in practice.

With the introduction of visa-free travel, treatment in the western regions of Belarus became available to many foreign tourists. Gastric bypass and ballooning are especially popular here. Most often, the patients of the clinics in Brest and Grodno are Poles.

As for dental implantation, dental treatment, this area of ​​medicine is the most popular throughout Belarus. In just a few days, foreign tourists can return a beautiful smile and at the same time save a considerable amount.

Price or quality?

Despite the fact that the cost of medical services in Belarus is very low by European standards, they are at a very high level. We have high-quality equipment, comfortable conditions and highly qualified specialists.

In addition, Belarus is a platform for obtaining high-quality medical education. This year alone, we have more than 4,000 students at medical universities from 80 countries of the world, and this speaks volumes.