How to brush your teeth properly

Teeth should not only be brushed, but done correctly. There are so many methods. They all differ in the nature of the movements, as well as the position of the brush in relation to the teeth, etc.

Currently, all methods can be reduced to the following rules:

  1. Clean your mouth after any meal. As a last resort, try to brush your teeth after waking up and before bedtime.
  2. Clean for at least three minutes.
  3. Always start from the same place.
  4. After the procedure, the brush should dry with the bristles up.

There are several more methods.

The first method is called “Universal”. It suits everyone. Place the brush at forty-five degrees in relation to the tooth and move up and down. And so about ten times. You also need to clean the inner surface of your teeth, which are called chewing teeth. To finish brushing your teeth, massage the gums. Do not massage if your gums are inflamed.

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The second method is called “Gentle”. The brush should be perpendicular to the teeth. Brush your teeth in a vertical motion. This method works well if you have sensitive teeth.

The third method is called Healthy Teeth. Close the jaw, the brush is perpendicular to the teeth, and then brush the surface of the teeth in a circular motion. This method is suitable for those people who do not have a periodontal.

Did you know that you need to squeeze very little toothpaste onto the brush. But the choice of the brush must be approached responsibly, and also do not forget to change it. Take care of your teeth!