How to preserve tooth enamel?

Enamel is the hardest and most durable tooth tissue, but a simple lack of knowledge about oral hygiene and bad habits is enough to make the enamel cease to perform its function.

Many people do not even know how certain habits can affect the condition of the oral cavity. Improper hygiene, refusal to visit the dentist, lack of dental care and the use of sweet carbonated drinks are the main enemies of a healthy smile.

Lack of natural building materials in the diet

It is very important to provide the body with the right dose of calcium, which helps to maintain the teeth in a healthy state. Unfortunately, research shows that we don’t consume enough calcium with our meals. Thus, we provide only half of the daily required ration. Therefore, it is necessary to use calcium supplements that will help maintain its normal level in the body.

Bad habits

Even children know to brush their teeth regularly. Any carelessness leads to problems with the teeth. On the other hand, too much diligence doesn’t pay off either. Thorough cleaning after each meal is not as useful as it may seem.

Experts recommend brushing your teeth three times a day-after breakfast, lunch and dinner. Do not brush your teeth immediately after getting up from the table – this way you can erase the enamel, which becomes softer due to the action of acids released during meals. Therefore, it is advisable to wait 30-60 minutes before cleaning. During this time, the acids are neutralized, and the teeth have time to re-mineralize.

Recommendations for preserving snow-white enamel

The toothbrush should be soft, too hard can destroy the enamel. Brush your teeth in a gentle circular motion. Do not forget to use dental floss after each meal. Removing food residues from the interdental spaces takes about two minutes, and the benefits of this are simply invaluable.

Regular visits to the dentist are also extremely important for dental health. A dental examination every six months is usually sufficient to detect any abnormalities in a timely manner, followed by dental treatment.

What should I avoid to have strong teeth?

Even a piece of ice cream or caramel can lead to cracking and chipping of the tooth. Unsurprisingly, opening bottles or bags of chips with your teeth is also risky. You should use accessories designed for this purpose, and use your teeth only for food. Remember that their set is not a set of tools.

Take care of them by doing contact sports. Special pads on the teeth will help you avoid the unpleasant consequences of a collision with other participants or falling on a hard surface. Also, try to fight bad habits, such as gnashing your teeth. Many people do this when they are nervous or asleep. If you gnash your teeth at night in your sleep, then buy special covers, so you can avoid excessive abrasion of your teeth.