What causes yellowing of teeth and how to prevent it?

If your smile is no longer as blinding white as it used to be, you probably feel less confident than before. If you’ve ever had a pearly white smile, but it’s no longer there, you’ve probably changed something in your daily routine. There are many reasons why your teeth may turn yellow, but fortunately, there are ways to restore their whiteness!

What are the most common causes of yellow teeth?


Smoking is an unhealthy habit that not only has a detrimental effect on your organs, but also causes yellowing of your teeth. Smoking leaves stains on the teeth, and this staining is difficult to remove. If a smoker wants to get rid of this side effect, the first step is to quit smoking.

Some drinks

Coffee is one of the drinks that can most strongly affect the color of your teeth. Getting hot liquid on the teeth can cause small cracks on their surface. This will show the yellow layer that is under the surface. Carbonated drinks are also dangerous for white teeth because the acid contained in them eats away at the enamel. Using a straw will reduce the amount of liquid that gets on your teeth.


The berries have a natural dark color. In combination with the sugar contained in them, they can easily cause yellowing.

However, the main reason for changing the color of the teeth is not always